Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Cold Rain in Early Autumn

i was with wonderful rain
it's so damn cold
but i couldn't resist the charm

so, i've got to love rain
i closed my eyes

let the cold water kissed my face
and let no word comes out

let the chill wind embraced me tight
and let no sorrow goes out

let the rainy world breathed me
and let no choice left out

oh i love rain
i just love rain
cuz i can dance in cold
like what my heart always do

oh i adore rain
i just adore rain
cuz i can cry out loud
and no one knows that i always do

i love rain
above all sadness

... ... ...


A Reprise for Cold Rain in Early Autumn
by AA

when the autumn comes
destiny knocks at my window
say a wisdom

and melted the entire me
turned me to become cold rain

and charmed u with my mystical beauty
paralyzed u with my frozen spell

so u've got to love me,
the cold rain in ur early autumn

then close ur eyes, princess

let my cold lips kiss ur face
and let ur words come out

let my chill arms embrace u tight
and wipe your sorrows away

let my rainy blood breath u
and give u new hopes

oh love me, princess
just love me as ur autumn rain
and dance with me
like what my heart always dream

oh adore me, princess
just adore me as ur autumn rain
and let me wash your tears with mine
like no one ever did

and let the world sees
that I am ur autumn rain

with my love

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